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  1. 13 March 2015
    Rees Construction's door plaque reads "Since 1887." To put this date in perspective, the family sedan was a horse and buggy, roads were mostly scraped out of dirt, and indoor plumbing and sanitary sewer systems were almost nonexistent. Steam tractors were just beginning to appear on American farms. Construction equipment? Hook up your horse team and grab a shovel.
  2. 13 March 2015
    Performing periodic checks and maintenance to ensure your air-conditioning system is working at its best is easy on John Deere E-Series Skid Steers and Compact Track Loaders. If you haven't performed these quick checks yet to be ready for the new season, now is a good time to do them.
  3. 13 March 2015
    As a logger, you don't just see trunks and branches when you stand in the woods — you see the opportunity to use one of nature's greatest gifts to contribute to the growth and development of our world. Responsible logging allows us to maximize the use of trees, but you've most likely encountered people who disagree.
  4. 13 March 2015
    At John Deere, we're proud of the relationships between our customers and dealers. Just as you are an expert in the forest, dealers have experts in servicing and meeting your equipment needs, to help you with the challenges that your business faces. When their in-depth knowledge is combined with your experience in the field, it's a win-win for all — we're able to improve our products based on your input and you"re provided with excellent and reliable service.
  5. 11 March 2015

    Since he was a child, Darryl Booker knew his future was in the woods. A third generation logger, the 30-year-old from Oxford, Mississippi, is using his father's passion and his own drive for success to push the business to new heights.

  6. 02 March 2015
    It's as simple as that for the folks at Turner Contracting, Inc. Operating by a standard of "pure performance," their reason for choosing the John Deere 460E Articulated Dump Truck doesn't come as much of a surprise. While the truck's hauling capacity was its biggest selling point, Turner has been pleasantly surprised by the additional benefits the truck brings to the jobsite.
  7. 02 March 2015
    Incorrect tire pressure always slows a loader's work cycle. To keep production at its highest, John Deere offers 10 tips for increased production and decreased costs.
  8. 13 February 2015
    The feeling of accomplishment after a job well done rewarded by some time spent doing what you love. However, in a business that is typically close to home, the line between work and personal life can become quickly blurred. Even if you love what you do so much that it doesn't feel like work, there are benefits to separating business and relaxation.
  9. 13 February 2015
    In these challenging times, fleet managers need to run their fleets as efficiently and productively as possible. Telematics is the future of fleet management.
  10. 13 February 2015
    Oil viscosity is a definite factor in the performance of your equipment. Viscosity determines the performance and protective functions of machine lubricants by providing a seal between components, cushioning them against impact, maintaining a boundary layer between sliding or rolling surfaces.
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