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  1. 15 January 2015
    In today’' production world, every contractor's goal is to move as much dirt as possible in the shortest time. So, which is more important: bucket full or cycle time? With an excavator, cycle time is more important, and with a loader, bucket fill is more important. The reason for this is the excavator cycles faster than the loader. Using a loader, the operator will cycle 2 to 2.5 times per minute, so bucket fill is more important. When using an excavator, the operator cycles 4 to 5 times per minute, so the operator on the excavator will maintain a constant bucket load-and-go to get a faster cycle.
  2. 15 January 2015

    Skid steers and compact track loaders encounter many jobsite contaminants, including dirt and dust, which can cause engine damage. By correctly installing air filters at regularly scheduled intervals, you'll help protect your engine and ensure long life.

  3. 12 January 2015
    Safety inspections should be an essential part of your machine upkeep routine. Not only are they necessary for the well-being of your crew, they are also an important step to keep your machines operating efficiently and issue-free. Fortunately, these frequently overlooked practices are some of the easiest to perform.
  4. 12 January 2015
    That old saw, "changing oil is cheaper than buying parts," rings true when applied to logging equipment, but changing oil is just one part of a comprehensive fluid maintenance schedule. The following tips will help keep your equipment running optimally while increasing its usable life span.
  5. 09 January 2015
    When we first visited Alamo Concrete Products in Georgetown, Texas, back in 2012, their 844J Wheel Loader had logged an astonishing 17,000 hours hauling rock in the limestone quarry's dry-crushing operation. Today the machine has logged almost 25,000 hours. Early in its storied career, the machine worked 24 hours a day, six days a week. Today it still runs 10-hour shifts, six days a week. "We still run it quite a bit," says Kieth Witt, quarry production manager. "We haven't retired it by any means."
  6. 08 January 2015

    Most great entrepreneurs are quick to give credit to their mentors and that certainly includes Chad Nimmer, forester and owner at Pierce Timber/Suwannee Forest Products in Fargo, Georgia.

  7. 15 December 2014

    Worksite Pro™ attachments are a great addition to any rental company’s lineup, whether it is serving contractors, landscapers, or weekend warriors. Our ever-expanding lineup includes more than 100 models, so there are plenty of tools available to meet the needs of a specific rental market.

  8. 15 December 2014

    We know that even though the temperatures are dropping, hibernation is not an option for your fleet. Your uptime and productivity on the jobsite is essential. To keep your machines running efficiently this winter season, we have compiled some maintenance tips to keep in mind when preparing for, and combating the cold when it arrives.

  9. 11 December 2014
    Maintenance tips tend to focus on the benefits of regular fluid changes, or how preventative maintenance can save you money over the long run. But the very real problem of theft and vandalism costs its victims money, too – in some cases, tens of thousands of dollars a year. Fortunately, following these common-sense tips can help you avoid this nuisance.
  10. 11 December 2014
    In an industry that is often misunderstood, forestry businesses can demonstrate their desire to contribute to their community rather than simply gain from it. Opportunities to commit ourselves to a beneficial cause are all around &ndash maybe even right down your street. Our communities provide us with our livelihood, and it is our responsibility to give back.
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