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Feature Article

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  1. 12 February 2016

    A tire can go flat all too easily, bringing your workday to a complete stop. Brawler Solid Flex tires are made from solid rubber, so they never, ever go flat.

  2. 12 February 2016

    The ability to hold and maintain an accurate cross slope is one of the most difficult skills an operator must acquire. It may take years to master, if mastered at all.

  3. 12 February 2016

    Forestry can be a dangerous industry but there are important steps that can (and should) be taken to ensure the safety and health of everyone on a logging team. There is a wealth of information available on safety in the workplace and safety programs within the workplace but there are several common themes.

  4. 12 February 2016

    The Rapid Cycle System (RCS), now standard for our new 800M Series Tracked Feller Bunchers and Harvesters, allows faster, low-effort operation, using a single joystick to control all boom functions. By automating felling-head arm cycling and providing simple boom control, RCS shortens the learning curve and boosts productivity with less fatigue.

  5. 15 January 2016

    Five pieces of John Deere Construction equipment were named to Construction Equipment Magazine's 2015 Top 100 New Products list — the 1050K Dozer, 9R/9RT Scraper Tractors, Ejector Scrapers, 300G LC Excavator and L-Series Backhoes.

  6. 12 January 2016

    Environmental cleanup is a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it. And as environmental standards become more stringent and the economy grows greener, it's also becoming big business.

  7. 11 January 2016

    Nestled on the westernmost edge of the Mesabi Iron Range sits Grand Rapids, Minnesota. A town of over 10,000 founded on timber harvesting and iron-ore mining, Grand Rapids maintains its frontier feel regardless of the growing amount of tourism.

  8. 11 January 2016

    The Production Class Equipment (PCE) Lease program from John Deere Financial offers an affordable and flexible way to build a full, state-of-the-art fleet.

  9. 11 January 2016

    You're a good driver with a proven safety record. Why should you worry about driving on forest roads; they can't be that much different, right?

  10. 11 January 2016

    Many loggers have been asking whether our new, easy-to-use Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) in the L-Series Skidder is a mechanical or hydrostatic drive transmission. The answer? Both!

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