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  1. 12 September 2016
    A few years ago, as the smartphone revolution really took hold, that phrase reminded us there was an application for nearly every possible need. Since that phrase was first uttered, the number of apps has grown exponentially.
  2. 12 September 2016
    Technology used on logging jobsites and forestry equipment, and the data that comes from it, is power – power to plan, make decisions and solve problems in a more efficient way. You may choose to embrace it or you may not. Either way, technology is not going away and it will continue to bring new benefits to the logging business.
  3. 12 September 2016

    Deep in the plains of southern Kansas, among the oil rigs and wind turbines, there thrives a new contender in the quarry. And though smaller than the loader it replaced, Cornejo & Sons of Wichita is quickly learning that the 944K shouldn't be underestimated. Its unique combination of speed, fuel efficiency, and surprising power make it a standout performer in an arena where every move matters.

  4. 12 September 2016

    With Final Tier 4 emissions regulations in effect for diesel engines 56 kW (75 hp) and above (or just becoming in effect for those in Canada), customers are beginning to inquire about gen-sets that meet the new standards. But it's important to note that Final Tier 4 emissions regulations affect emergency and non-emergency generators differently.

  5. 12 September 2016

    You've been in the business for a while now. You know it's time to expand, but where do you begin? By following these four easy tips, increasing your business's reach might be easier than you think.

  6. 12 August 2016
    Each year, approximately 18 young people in northwest Louisiana spend the summer learning the basics of logging in the Timber Harvesting Equipment Operator course (THEO). Most of them will have job offers waiting for them when they complete the course.
  7. 12 August 2016
    Leonard Mroczkowski cherished the pocket knife he had been given at a Timberjack event. So much that he gave it to his son, when he deployed to Iraq.
  8. 12 August 2016
    The I-4 Ultimate Improvement Project is a six-year endeavor aimed at connecting communities, improving economies, and enhancing livability in Central Florida. The 21-mile stretch of updates includes four new express lanes; 13 widened, 74 replaced, and 53 new bridges; 15 reconstructed interchanges; and an aesthetically pleasing design throughout. And at $2.3 billion, this project is one of the largest public/private partnerships currently held in the country.
  9. 12 August 2016
    Based in St. Paul, with offices and operations spanning the upper Midwest, Q3 specializes in the installation of gas and electric utilities. Its 15-year uptick of rapid growth is characterized by a willingness to take on new requests from customers. "We started out as a restoration contractor – we'd replace asphalt patches, curbs, and sidewalks," says Q3 President, Jaeson Osborn. "From there the customer asked us to add traffic control and installation services. When they would ask us to do something, we would do it, and that's where our new growth spurt came from." But regardless of growth, the company has maintained its personality.
  10. 12 August 2016

    A 333G Compact Track Loader equipped with a MH60C mulching head can be the right tool for many land-clearing applications.

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